Highs Lows & BakayokosJim Koeghan will be signing copies of his book, Highs Lows & Bakayokos: Everton In The 90s with the EFC Heritage Society at St Luke’s church before the Merseyside derby on Monday 19 October between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Stop by upstairs in St Luke’s before the match to meet Jim and buy the book if you haven’t already.

Highs, Lows & Bakayokos is the tale of how one of English football’s greatest clubs lost its way and how the nature of being an Evertonian changed forever.

In the book, Jim explores this transformative time for our grand old team. It searches for the causes of Everton’s troubles, looking for reasons why peers raced away, grasping the opportunities presented by the dawning of the Sky era.

But it seeks to redefine this often maligned decade too. Memorable games, silverware and moments of unadulterated elation; the 1990s was a time of emotional intensity, an era that moved fans in ways that have been all-too absent at Goodison Park during the stable years of the past decade.

Highs, Lows & Bakayokos is available for purchase by Pitch Publishing for £12.99

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