Everton Stakeholder Steering Group

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ESSG@essg1878 – 10 December 2021

ESSG is a coalition of Everton FC fan groups who for the past 6 months have worked diligently to produce a document that reflects what the future will look like with regards to fan engagement The document has been submitted to the club for their consideration, with a meeting now in the diary.

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December 2021 Report

1/4 Had a positive meeting with @Everton yesterday, following up on our report to deliver effective/meaningful fan representation at board level We will now develop the ToR for a Fan Advisory Board, while we further discuss our ‘Fan Directors’ recommendation with the Club.

2/4 The Everton Stakeholder Steering Group is a coalition of #EFC fan groups who have worked diligently for 6 months to develop the recommendations. Background to the submission …

3/4 Recommendation 1: #EFC should have Fan Directors on its board of directors who are accountable to, and elected by, Everton supporters …

4/4 Recommendation 2: A Fan Advisory Board should be established, representing the diversity of the fanbase and to ensure that the interests of Everton fans are considered in strategic decision making …