Steve Johnson

Clocking On… by Steve Johnson

The Good Old Days of the Three O'Clock Kick-Off.....   Today’s 2.05pm kick-off inevitably gets supporters talking about the ‘good old days’, when we remember all football matches being played on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm… but just how common was that 3pm time slot? Well, it depends on how far back you look! Prior to the Premier League era, most of Everton’s home matches, aside from those played in midweek, did indeed commence at the ‘traditional’ time of 3pm – but that had only been the case from the early 1960s onwards. From 1957 to late 1961, Everton’s Saturday…
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Everton: The Official Complete Record

Everton: The Official Complete Record is the definitive account of one of Europe's most distinguished clubs. With nine league titles, five FA Cups and a rich club lore that boasts names such as Dixie Dean, Alex Young, Alan Ball and more recent heroes like Tim Cahill and Romelu Lukaku, theirs is a history replete with success and high drama. Boasting one of the most passionate and knowledgeable sets of fans, Everton are justifiably known as 'The People s Club'. Nearly 140 years after Everton's humble birth as a church team, Steve Johnson has painstakingly trawled through the archives to provide…
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