As well as there being over 250 member’s articles on this website, the Society is also actively involved in publication of books, as well as making booklets available for download. We also contribute an article to each Everton FC matchday programme.
We have a publications sub-group, and we also proof-read and edit member’s work for ready for publication. Several members have had books published over the past few years – some of them the most well-known Everton books in print – a total that presently stands at just over fifty, with more in preparation. An astonishing and valuable body of work to draw from in our own researches, as well as being great books for fans of the club.
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  • Wonder if u could help me i read an article a few years ago about my grandad signing from port sunlight to Everton and cant find it anywhere his name is Edward Joseph Newby would really appriciate if u could help me find it again it was published in the Liverpool Echo Everton went out and signed him because they suffered so many injuries in the fa cup against Man City Thanl you for your help

    • Did you manage to find this info? What years are we looking at? I have access to the newspaper archives so can try and find this

  • I need your help as I have started to write a book in the Wlsh language ON EVERTON f c , I NEED SOM 76 PHOTOGRAPHS . Can you help me ?. I live in Allerton , Liverpool Sincerely Professor Dr D Ben Rees

    • Hello Prof, Just the 76? 🙂 You could take a look first at the Everton Collection in Liverpool Record Office – you will find the link in the menu at the top of this page. Much of it is on the their dedicated website, although items are copyright watermarked and you will need to request copies for publication (without the watermark). I’ll drop you an email for further help. (by the way I attend a few of your lectures in the past. I used to teach in Cont.Ed at Liverpool Uni.). Regards Mike Royden

  • Hi, my name is David Corcoran and I was at Major Lester school with Ken Rogers in the 1950’s. We were both in Mr Harker’s class. I was looking up the school on the internet when I noticed a post by Ken Rogers about a reunion of Class members (in 2013) and he mentioned the names of former pupils who were also my friends. I have tried to get some contact details for Ken but have been unable to find any. Hopefully someone can pass this message on to him and I can contact him about how the reunion went and let him know what happened to me, thanks.

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