Dixie Dean Memorial Awards

THE Dixie Dean Memorial Award was created in 1980, just months after the death of the greatest goalscorer in British football history. But more than merely celebrate his sporting achievement, the award was initiated as a lasting legacy to his sportsmanship, discipline and inspirational qualities.

Throughout his 433 match Everton career, Dean was never cautioned, sent off or even spoken to by a referee . . . apart from the occasion when Dean asked Lol Harper what he had in his mouth, and when the official answered ‘a peppermint’ he asked if he had one for him! That impeccable record ensured that when the original judges gathered to select the first Dixie Dean Award winner “services for football in the finest tradition” were declared the qualities most relevant to their decision.

The winners reflect a who’s who of some of the most respected names in football. Colin Harvey, Ian Callaghan, Joe Fagan, Alan Hansen, Kevin Ratcliffe, Dave Hickson, Ian Rush, Brian Labone, Alan Ball, Dave Watson, Graeme Sharp, Phil Thompson, Alex Young, Gordon West, Neville Southall Andy Gray, Joe Royle, Graeme Sharp (twice), Howard Kendall, and John Hurst, have all had their names etched onto its base. And it isn’t just Everton and Liverpool who have been represented. Dean started his career at Prenton Park and Tranmere’s winners include Ray Mathias, Johnny King, Eric Nixon and Steve Mungall.

David Prentice

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Seamus Coleman

John Hurst

Graeme Sharp

(his second award)

Gordon West
Former captains of Everton and Liverpool – Brian Labone and Ron Yeates, pictured here with Ian Hargraves and Ken Rogers – who, in 1988, together made up the Dixie Dean Memorial Trophy panel of judges (12th September 1988).
Ken (second from right, the former Head of Sport on the Liverpool Echo, is now the Chairman of Everton FC Heritage Society, and still, after four decades, plays an integral role in the organisation and presentation of the award.