Everton Statistics

Everton Statistics

Everton FC Heritage Society is privileged to have within its membership the creators of the two leading Everton statistic websites, and the England records website on the internet:

Everton Results

by EFCHS member – Steve Johnson (with input from Gavin Buckland too)

A brilliant statistics site, providing a comprehensive record of the results of all competitive games played by Everton since their formation, together with details of player appearances and goals. Designed, written and updated by Steve, a born-and-bred Evertonian from the Wirral, who now lives in Buckinghamshire.

Steve has now added another new section on the EvertonResults website. It contains links to video clips from Everton games in the pre-Prem era, listed chronologically. Some are just a few seconds long, some contain just one goal, some all the goals, some have longer highlights and some have full matches.

The links (mostly to YouTube videos) are in the end column on the right of each page, together with an indication of who the original broadcaster was. (Also included are details of other matches that were also broadcast for which Steve could find no clips).

Like the rest of Steve’s site, this will soon prove to be an invaluable resource.

EFC Statto

by EFCHS member – Bradley Cates

Another excellent statistics site, and much more, created by Bradley who tweets facts and stats about Everton Football Club. As a fan of Everton, statistics and interesting facts, he has combined the three and become EFC Statto.

England Football Online

by EFCHS member – Chris Goodwin (with Glen Isherwood)

A comprehensive website, with an incredible array of statistics and detail about England, which as well as the main team and squad, includes all levels from Under 16-Under 23. Everton Football Club feature within the records of player’s stats and regarding games played at Goodison Park.


  • I have a list of red card / dismissal numbers arranged in groups of years, but I need to compile a list by decade. Is there a list of all dismissals (by year at least) available on the internet?

  • Is there any confirmation that Everton reserves played a match at Earle FC ground. Lance Lane/Woolton Road Wavertree in the late 1950’s, possibly against Manchester United?

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