‘The Unknown’: Everton FC

This is a short documentary feature made by an Italian production company which stated; ‘The Unknown tells the behind the scenes story of English football clubs. All the stories feature those fans and staff who are away from the spotlight, who work hard to ensure the growth and improvement of the club. From the chef to the warehouseman, the head steward, to the people who manage the club-fans relationship. An unprecedented journey where cameras are not used to going. We start with Everton FC. A club rich in history and tradition, that has made its relationship with the city community one of its key strengths.’

The film production team also visited St Luke’s Church to see the role played by the Everton FC Heritage Society, and interviewed chairman Brendan Connolly (at 9m 40sec.). Members Paul Kelly and Tom Regan (ToffeeArt) can also be seen busy on their stalls.

Coincidently, on the day of filming, Ken Rogers was appearing in the Fan Zone, as was musician Liam Royden (son of Mike Royden, EFCHS member) who was playing on stage – a fleeting glimpse at 5m 05sec.

A later updated version without subtitles

Credits: Production: The English Football / Andrea Barosi

Written by: Andrea Pettinello

Filmed by: Andrea Steffenini – Daniele Abatino – Francesco Piazza

Video Editor: Andrea Steffenini

Sound Editor: Filippo Tocchi

Voiceover: Peter Farries

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