Memories of Goodison Park

A Film by Everton FC Heritage Society

This is the latest of our Society-made films, which in this episode features a nostalgic look at the history of our great stadium. Our presenters, Ken Rogers and Rob Sawyer – who you will have met before in the ‘Everton Village and the Birth of Everton Football Club’ film – take us on a memorable journey, through the step-by-step development of Goodison Park from its foundation in 1892, through to the impending ground move on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.

View the full film by clicking here:

View the full film by clicking here
The Everton FC Heritage Society Production Team
Left to right: Presenters Ken Rogers and Rob Sawyer, with Lewis Royden (filming and editing) and Mike Royden (producer and director).

Many thanks to Darren Bentley of Everton Football Club for his time and assistance at Goodison, and to Crawford Miles of Everton FC Heritage Society, for his help in sourcing some of the archive footage from his wonderful Everton film collection.

It was quite poignant that on the day we were filming, the Goodison staff and ground staff were busy preparing for an evening fixture under the lights. But this was not a home Everton game, it was yet another international match to be hosted at Goodison. In this case it was the Under-21 game between England and Northern Ireland. Even in the twilight years of the Old Lady, the stadium is still a fitting venue to host international matches.

On a note about the accompanying music, the song is Goin’ Back, written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, performed by Dusty Springfield. It was in the top ten the very week that Goodison Park was host to the World Cup in 1966.

By Mike Royden

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