Society News

Society News

We do love a pinned tweet

Easily the best Everton feed on Twitter (with no hint of bias whatsover), Rob Sawyer keeps us regularly entertained and well informed about fascinating and intriguing aspects of Everton FC history.


Although our last monthly meeting was in February 2020, and we haven’t been able to run our usual matchday exhibitions in St Luke’s for obvious reasons, we have still tried to keep the Society functioning as best we can.


Well this is the obvious development as you are here, but it does show where Society work has continued at a pace in certain fields.


Our monthly meetings in the Everton FC Head Office in the Royal Liver Building are suspended at the moment. We have had a few meetings on Zoom, but we have regular contact with all members through group email, while sub-groups also continue to have regular contact.


If there has been one benefit of lockdown, it has enabled a number of members to focus on research projects, and the results are starting to bear fruit, with several new articles being published on the site, and more in the pipeline. See ‘Latest’ on the front page.


Congratulations to EFCHS member, and Liverpool Echo’s Head of Sport, David Prentice on the publication of his recent book ‘A Grand Old Team to Report 45 Years Following Everton Football Club.’ A wonderful read for any Blue. More here

We are also looking forward to Steve Zocek’s Goodison Memories volume, and Toffee Soccer by our founder David France, with Rob Sawyer and Darren Griffiths.

Matchday Programme

We have continued to produce regular articles for every Everton matchday programme within which we have our own Everton Heritage page. Programmes are available online from the official club website.

We are busy working to complete our listings with free downloads, but progress so far can be found here.

Masters research scholarships

Everton Football Club and Liverpool Hope University have appointed two researchers in a MRes in the History of Everton Football Club and a MRes in the History of Everton in the Community. This is an opportunity to shine a light on previously unexplored chapters in the social history of Everton and its award-winning charity Everton in the Community – and to have their findings published in a new book.  Everton FC Heritage Society played a key role in the inauguration of the award. More details here.