Everton FC Matches in aid of Hospitals 1888-1959

Research by Peter Lupson

The recently formed link between Everton FC and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine prompted me to explore the club’s earlier links with hospitals. The findings below are the result.

The following were either club-initiated charity matches (C), practice matches (PM), or invitations to play in matches in aid of hospitals (I).  A plus sign indicates that the match took place, an x and italics indicate that the invitation was declined. The main reasons for declining were (a) a suitable date couldn’t be found;

(b) “In view of the heavy programme to be completed it was felt impossible to accede to the request.”

The various Hospital Cup competitions in which the club participated are highlighted in different colours.

A trophy win is shown by capitalisation of the entry. The same applies to the Charity Shield.

If named hospitals are followed by  ‘+ 7H’ (H=Hospital), it means 7 additional hospitals received funds.

If named hospitals are followed by ‘+2V’ (V=Various), it means the remaining 2 recipients were not hospitals.

This complimentary ticket was for a benefit match at Anfield on the 23rd May 1885 in aid of The Stanley Hospital. Part of the club’s rent of the Anfield ground was also a small donation to The Stanley Hospital, in the name of Joseph Orrell. (The Everton Collection).
The oldest surviving ticket for an Everton match. The 1890 friendly match between Everton and Notts County in aid of the Hospital Saturday Fund at Anfield (The Everton Collection)

Victoria Hospital Blackpool, now Whitegate Health Centre
Bootle Borough Hospital
By Peter Lupson

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