Jim Keoghan – Highs, Lows and Bakayokos: Everton In The 90s

Highs Lows & BakayokosJim Koeghan visited St Luke’s on 19 October  2017 before the Derby Match to sign copies of his book, Highs Lows & Bakayokos: Everton In The 90s.

Highs, Lows and Bakayokos tells the story of Everton in the 1990s; the successes and failures, the agony and the ecstasy, the good times and the Mike Walker times. It’s the tale of how one of English football’s greatest clubs lost its way and how the nature of being an Evertonian changed forever.

In the book, Jim explores this transformative time for our grand old team. It searches for the causes of Everton’s troubles, looking for reasons why peers raced away, grasping the opportunities presented by the dawning of the Sky era.

But it seeks to redefine this often maligned decade too. Memorable games, silverware and moments of unadulterated elation; the 1990s was a time of emotional intensity, an era that moved fans in ways that have been all-too absent at Goodison Park during the stable years of the past decade.

What they’re saying about Highs, Lows & Bakayokos

“A book about Everton in the 90s and it’s great.” – Football 365

“It really is a great book, with Jim’s independence as a writer allowing him to go down corridors of intrigue that more official Everton books would never allow” – When Skies Are Grey

“As a fan who grew up and first started watching Everton in the 90s this is a wonderful nostalgia trip and will be for any fan who watched the team during that era. But High, Lows and Bakayokos is more than just a highlights reel. It’s a refreshing take on an era that delivered little tangible success but whose legacy is still felt today.” – Tom Mallows, Royal Blue Mersey

“Jim Keoghan’s book is a better experience in prose form than those ten years at Goodison Park were in soap-opera form. And therein lies the beauty of memory: you do not need success to provide a good story. You just need a good storyteller, and Keoghan more than produces the goods.” – Soccerama

“If you don’t know how the ‘modern’ Everton was shaped, this is a fitting way to fill in the gaps.” – The Football Pink

Highs, Lows & Bakayokos is available for purchase from Pitch Publishing for £12.99

By Lyndon Lloyd

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