James Corbett

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James Corbett

James Corbett is a journalist, broadcaster, author, authority on FIFA and international sport politics and an historian of Everton Football Club.

He is the owner of publishers deCoubertin, and as of 2021, a novelist.

He has authored some of the most well known and most popular books on Everton FC and has also launched a website to keep his Everton Encyclopedia updated online.

See some of James’ books on our EFCHS Member’s Books area.

Everton Encyclopedia

Everton Encyclopedia is a project dedicated to telling the history of Everton Football Club. The origins of the Everton Encyclopedia lie in the book of the same name published in 2012; back then, it was already a mammoth project, including articles on all aspects of Everton’s history, and more than 400 in-depth biographical entries based on original research. The project has now now moved online, expanding and updating it to ensure the Everton Encyclopedia remains the definitive reference on the history of Everton Football Club.

deCoubertin Books

deCoubertin Books is a small publishing house, founded in 2009 by the journalist James Corbett and based in Liverpool. They focus on non-fiction, particularly sport and have published some of the best books on Everton, several by EFCHS members.


And old interview from 2013, but revealing on James’ early years in writing and publishing.

The Outsiders

His first novel, The Outsiders, is to be published by Lightning Books in 2021.