Everton Proud

‘Dr Everton is more than a football fan. ‘Everton Proud’ – also known as Everton Crazy – is more than a football book. Both are truly inspirational.’ Alex Young

‘There’s obsession, then there’s David France’s love for Everton. This autobiography is the fascinating tale of a Blue who struggled to read until his teens yet became not only a hugely successful US Businessman but an an innovator and philanthropist who deserves our everlasting gratitude.’ Andy Hunter, the Guardian

‘After reading this terrific book, I realise that mine isn’t the only life he has changed.’ Tony Kay

‘The titles of David France’s books contain words such as obsession and crazy. Of course, these are synonyms for love.’ Michael Walker, The Irish Times.

NOTE: ‘Everton Proud’ by Dr David France is the extended version of ‘Everton Crazy’. With two new extra chapters and new illustrations to go with it, ‘Everton Proud’ tells the extraordinary life of David and his love affair with the club. 


All Blues are aware that Dr David France has written 16 books to tell the Everton story from different directions, established Gwladys Street’s Hall of Fame to salute the men who made the club what it is and organized the most raucous celebrations in the football cal- endar, formed the EFC Heritage Society to promote the club’s rich history, registered the Everton Former-Players’ Foundation – the first charity dedicated to alleviating the medical concerns of old footballers – and assembled the finest collection of football memorabilia in the world before transferring it to public ownership. Very few, however, know much more about the author than his status of Doctor Everton.

This long-awaited and well-crafted autobiography provides a portrait of a man who has travelled the equivalent of four times the distance to the moon and back following Everton. It sparkles with the intimacy of a Blue peering through the mists of nostalgic romanticism, blind optimism and yearning for the lost Everton of his youth as well as fading hopes for winning the League Cup. With no little humour, the book captures the impact that six decades majestic highs and humbling lows have had on an otherwise well-balanced soul.

Raised as a Blue by a Blue, his sparkling memoirs chronicle the role of the club in his life and its graduation from his childhood crutch to faithful companion. His tales are fascinating. They include hitchhiking to games in the Sixties and flying Concorde to them in the Nineties. Then there are his anecdotes related to fleeting meetings with the likes of Dixie Dean and TG Jones and friendships with Dave Hickson, Brian Labone, Alex Young, Alan Ball, Howard Kendall and many more.

Of course, there is much more to his life than his role as Doctor Everton. His personal journey is inspirational and this candid autobiography interweaves an incredible rags-to- riches story with a royal blue odyssey. Throughout sixty seasons and two million miles, his devotion to all things royal blue is incomparable. It’s unimaginable. It’s unrivalled. It’s proof that this book is aptly titled.


The author is lauded as Doctor Everton. Throughout his secondary modern schooldays on Merseyside, university studies in Europe and the USA, executive career in the US oil & gas industry, David France was devoted to Everton Football Club. During his lengthy retirement in some of the most beautiful spots in North America, he introduced a series of trail-blazing initiatives to celebrate the club’s rich heritage and improve the lives of its old players. In 2011, Liverpool’s Freedom of the City Panel awarded him the title of Citizen of Honour for his services to football. He was the first person to receive this specific honour since Bill Shankly. The following year, he received an OBE for his services to football in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Read the Liverpool Echo article by David Prentice:

Everton superfan David France travelled two million miles to watch his beloved Blues
By Lyndon Lloyd

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