Remembrance at Goodison Park 2021

(photo: Sarah Atherton)
(photo: Sarah Atherton)

Graeme Sharp and Darren Griffiths, who later tweeted;

Lovely to attend the Remembrance Service by the Dixie statue. Well done to Everton FC Heritage Society for organising it. On this date I always think of my dad’s brother Billy, who perished aboard HMS Dasher that sank on 27 March 1943. My dad still remembers the knock at the door…

(photo: Sarah Atherton)

(photo: @mintisculture)
Many thanks again for all the work by Paul Kelly of Everton FC Heritage Society and his wife Jean (centre) in pulling things together for the commemoration event on 11 November 2021. An event they have organised with dedication for several years. (photo: Sarah Atherton)

Lest we Forget

By Mike Royden

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